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About us

To search the interest of our customers and the rest will follow

Since its creation, the GP-Invest company concentrates its efforts on the service and the deontology with the service of its customers. When we develop a new product or when we bring more to the improvement of our

Always more quickly

You need answers and want them now to you. We can only agree. GP-Invest will put all works about it in order to answer your requests as soon as possible.The speed is in the middle of our concerns, which it is the transmission of the estimates or the management of your files.

The deontology functions on the Web

It is not because you are on the Web which you cannot profit from high quality services. GP-Invest strives in the respect of the procedures and is harnessed so that the offered products is rigorously selected for your best comfort.

You are not always at the office when you question yourselves

The world is increasingly mobile and loan of freedom of movement. We place at your disposal of the links towards the various social networks and propose under following via the platforms Facebook and Twitter. We plan to offer even more innovation to the users and currently work with the installation of new means of communication and service.

It is possible to earn money without deception

GP-Invest is a company. The incomes generated by the company come from the product sales from insurance, credit, real estate and patrimonial. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers diffuse with all is while worrying only about the potential profit to come. However, GP-Invest leaves the principle which it is possible to make of the profits by complying with principal rules: the customer

The need for information does not know any limit

Our company was founded in Nice, but our mission consists in giving access to information to the greatest number. Our will to improve considerably diversity and quality of the services which we are able to propose, even near the users of the most moved back areas

One can be serious without tie

Our founders built GP-Invest around a simple idea: work must represent a challenge, and the challenge must be amusing. To stimulate the creativity, we think culture of company. We place the emphasis on the achievements of team and the pride of the individual achievement which contributes to our general success. We bet much on our employees, of the energetic and impassioned people, with the various courses and having a creative approach of work, game and life. At GP-Invest, environment is certainly slackened, but each new idea which emerges in the queue of the coffee machine or meeting of team is evaluated, tested and put in practice. And these ideas can become the platform of launching of new project intendeds to the users of the whole world.

To always go from the front one

GP-Invest does not consider the fact of being recognized like an end in itself, but rather like a starting point. We set ourselves objectives which we think unattainable, with an aim of exceeding us. By the innovation and perseverance, GP-Invest starts from something which functions well to make sometimes unexpected improvements there.

For example, one of our advisors wondered about the relevance of the withdrawal periods in complementary health. He saw a real need there and subjected the creation of a range for immediate purpose near one of our partners insurances.

Even if you do not know exactly what you search, it is our role to find an answer, and not yours. We endeavour to anticipate the needs incipient for the Net surfers, in order to answer it by products and services which are essential quickly like the standards of the market.

We permanently search new opportunities of changing the things. This constant refusal of the established order is in the final analysis our true force.

Independent broker near the largest insurance companies, GP-INVEST represents the interests of his customers near his partners.
Founded in 1993 by Gil PARENT, the company profits from an expert testimony and a know-how recognized on its four complementary trades.

→ the activity of insurance broker for the individuals, professionals and undertaken near largest groups insurance.

→ the activity of broker in appropriations for the individuals, professionals and undertaken near largest groups banking.

→L' activity of manager of heritage to accompany you in your personal development

→ the activity of real estate broker to allow you to buy, sell or manage your heritage

Established in the Maritime Alps, in the centre town of Nice 18 rue Pastorelli 06000 Nice, our team of experienced and qualified professionals manages a wallet of several thousands of customers.

Our will being to accompany you with serious on the unit by your patrimonial requests

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